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download problem

Started by planonno, March 19, 2022, 09:44:49 AM

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Good morning
Am using Plan g version 3.2.2 and want to update to also use with MSFS 2020.

I downloaded the zip files but this download is incomplete. It stops at 20- 30 MB. Is this a problem on my PC ? any idea how to correct ?


Onno Reitsma 

tim arnot

The server's working fine from here. Check the 'usual suspects' (antivirus, firewall, VPN, ISP outages etc) is about all I can really suggest. There may be some blockage between you and the server - give it an hour or so and try again. That often works.

Tim. @TimArnot


Hi, I'm having same problem, but it stops at 100 MB. The problems is "Unexpected end of archive".
Tried with antivirus off, incognito mode, different browsers, tried waiting hours/days but nothing.
Could you check if the servers are still ok?

Thank you

tim arnot

Yep, servers are still fine. I just downloaded it twice (although the second time did seem rather slow)

Here's a Dropbox link to the file, if you're still having problems:

Tim. @TimArnot


Thanks a lot, that worked fine.