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New user and 1st querey about map display

Started by loveclose, May 02, 2019, 01:15:48 PM

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Greetings to all fellow flight sim enthusiasts.

Just arrived here - (thanks again to the admin folk for sorting my email verification out) - and have just started to get into the Plan-G flight planning software.

Been a flight sim person since 1993 where I probably cut my teeth with various military sims (US NAVY Fighters probably the first one to hit my inadequate PC).  After getting enough thrills shooting planes down, I've been far more enthusiastic about civil aviation flight sims, and have had most experience using the FSX programme.  Have recently crossed over to XP11 and have also made use of the Orbx scenery packs for the UK.

I have managed to get my data downloaded as an XP11 user - all seemed to work just fine.  Even managed to get a basic flight plan loaded just to test everything, and again, all worked just fine.

Few questions to ask:

1)  Did I need to get the data set up to register anything to do with the Orbx scenery?  I believe I set it up half way through the installation, but have no idea if it actually was needed, or indeed if it actually processed anything.  Clearly the XP11 data set up has worked.

2)  Is the Plan-G map we use to do the flight planning view-able within XP11 itself?  I see quite a few posts already about red aircraft trails on the map etc, and at the moment I'm only seeing the default XP11 map which we all know is not really adequate unless you are flying short journeys contained within the same map area.  Any assistance in getting the Plan-G map displayed within XP11 would be really helpful - if indeed such a thing is possible.

Soooo nice to be able to plan a flight of some distance rather than adding waypoints on the fly due to XP11's limitations!

tim arnot

1. Plan-G reflects the scenery in your sim at the point it is set up. If you change the scenery after that, it won't be reflected in Plan-G until you build a new database.

2. No. Plan-G is a standalone app. It doesn't do anything inside your simulator. It will talk you your simulator in order to display AI or multiplayer traffic (the red aircraft). For that you need to install a program called XPUIPC. Details are all in the manual and readme. To see Plan-G and the sim at the same time, you would ideally need a second monitor or spare PC/old laptop.

Tim. @TimArnot