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Lago di Como (Italy)

Started by sky one, June 15, 2013, 04:03:44 PM

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sky one

A little tour (lessa than 1 hour) over the Lago di Como (Como's Lake - ask to your wife where George Clooney has a "villa"...  ;) ).

"Cleared for take-off" from LIMB (Milano Bresso):

You can see the Alps with three lakes: Lago di Alserio, Lago di Annone and Lago di Pusiano (from left to right):

The city of Lecco (curiosity: in Italian "lecco" means "I lick"):

The Grigna Settentrionale (the peak on the left - 2410 meters) and the Grigna Meridionale (on the right):

Bellagio, where the lake divides:

At Colico it's time to turn back:

Bellagio again:

The city of Como:

"Cleared to land" at LIMB:

The trail:

Visit Italy!  :)

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