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X-Plane 11 does not recognise FMS plan

Started by Col1948, June 18, 2017, 09:13:44 PM

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I created a flight plan in Plan-G exported it to X-plane as a FMS file, but when I selected it I got a message saying Xplane does not recognise FMS file extension it must be sit, fdr and rep.
If I select an aircraft move it to the departure airport, click on Garmin to load the plan there nothing shows up.

The original plan created has an extension plg but like I said if I export it as an FMS it dowsn't show up in X-plane 11

Any help appreciated



The fms files in X-Plane 11 should be stored in this directory (folder) structure:

C:/X-Plane 11/Output/FMS Plans/cyyccyba.fms

The GPS can fetch the fms files from there.

X-Plane 11.25, Plan-G


Hi Dempsey,

Yes that is where they are.

tim arnot

Tim. @TimArnot


tim arnot

Pretty sure that should read .fms files, at least it did in X-Plane 10. When I get the chance I'll delve into it and see what I can find (hopefully in the next week or so).

Tim. @TimArnot