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The reason for my previous message ...

Started by Sunflyer, February 23, 2018, 11:21:27 AM

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I placed an airstrip in the Plan g3 database, remember?
Tim answered an airstrip is for FSX not an airport.

The reason was that I had downloaded the airstrip or airport "Mistys Place" (PF20) from RTTM and installed it in FSX. Letting the database management run again, everything OK.

When searching in the flight planner of FSX I could just find Mistys Place (PF20) and from there take off to anything. Everything normal.

If Mistys Place can be found in the FSX database and I then have the Plan G3 database reconstructed, I assumed that I could also find Mistys Place (PF20) when looking for an airport in Plan G3!

Why is not that so?


tim arnot

If it's in the list of airports then yes, you should be able to start from there. But many airstrips are not.

Tim. @TimArnot