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Flight Planning UK: Magnetic Declination Error

Started by roadrabbit, January 07, 2020, 11:02:52 PM

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Today I 'flew' from EGGP (Liverpool) to EGPD (Aberdeen) on Low Airways P600 and L612. PlanG showed a magnetic declination (variation) of 4 degrees West when the current value is 1 degree West.

First, is there a correction we users can make to the magnetic declination values used?

Secondly, if not, is a suitably amended version of PlanG coming out soon with correct magnetic variation?

If what I believe is correct, that a variation correction would involve a massive amount of work and is not likely anytime soon, can I make a suggestion? Would it be possible to leave the entering of the magnetic track values to the user of the flight planner module? In other words, have PlanG show calculated initial true tracks with the other columns blank, but open to user editing? The planner could then calculate the magnetic heading as before.

The above reported error makes the second verification question somewhat ironic, don't you think?   ;)

tim arnot

Tim. @TimArnot