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Newbie Question

Started by Vernb, February 22, 2022, 11:23:31 PM

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 Hi There,
Brand new to PlanG. I like to fly solo tours or bush flights as I see they are being called. My question is does PlanG support "legs"? I did a trial flight plan after installation and was able to add airports but as waypoints that was not my intent.  I did try to search the forum with a number of different search criteria, but came up empty. I would like to have the cruise altitude and descent points for each leg. Sorry if I have just missed something.

tim arnot

Plan-G will only generate an altitude profile for the entire flight, although you can add a Passing Altitude to each leg in the Plan window (use this for enroute altitudes or field elevations as you choose).

Plan-G doesn't really do "descent points" within a plan - these will be dynamically changing according to the flight parameters. But what you can do is activate the Planned Altitude button (aka "altitude banana") on the Home ribbon. You can set this with a planned climb altitude & descent altitude + descent rate. This projects a line in front of the plane showing  where you'll be at those altitudes/rates. (the climb projection uses your current rate of climb, descent uses the specified descent rate). By setting field elevation or circuit altitude, you can easily see when you're at Top Of Descent.

(although if you're doing a full stop at each intermediate point, rather than a touch and go, the "correct" procedure vis-a-vis real world operations is to file a separate plan for each leg)

The Plan-G logbook will show the flight from your departure airport to the destination airport with (say) 5 landings & takeoffs, and list the intermediate airports visited.

Tim. @TimArnot


 Hi Tim,
Thank you for the response, Greatly appreciated! I think I will now be able to very closely achieve what I was try to accomplish.